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From Florence – News for Art Lovers

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Ongoing Restoration at the Uffizi Gallery!  The Uffizi Gallery will soon double in size with the opening of the newly revived first floor.  Work is now underway to expand what is being called the “New Uffizi”, which will allow the museum to bring out hundreds of masterpieces now being kept in storage.  The number of works of art on display will expand to 2000 from the present 1200.


The giant Laocoon marble restoration that has just been unveiled will be able to be viewed by visitors once again.  Because the marble group could not be moved the process was very complex, requiring a temporary worksite and sophisticated tools.


Restoration of seven huge tapestries woven of wool, silk, silver and gold threads depicting the Valois Festivals staged at the French court of the Queen Catherine de Medici is underway.  The new Uffizi project is allocating a room with proper light, humidity and temperature for a rotating exhibition of these seven splendid tapestries, as each one is restored.


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